Norman Blake

norman blake

Nottingham born Norman Blake has fished since boyhood. His first fishing forays were for dace and roach on the Fairham Brook near Clifton. This progressed to long trotting on the river Trent, and spinning for pike at various venues. He started fly fishing in 1962, and began tying flies the following year. Over the next ten years he tied part time for Tom Watson’s of Nottingham, in order to gain experience and help towards the cost of his tackle and fishing trips for wild trout, salmon and sea trout.  His companion on most of these adventures was his old school chum Bob Carnill. Throughout the 1980’s, Norman ran night school fly tying classes for beginners in Nottingham, and Leicestershire, and gave winter slide show talks to fishing clubs and branches of the Fly Dressers Guild. Over the years he has written many articles for the game angling press and won awards at both fly tying and photography. He is a member of the Fly Dressers Guild, The Salmon & Trout Association, and a long standing member of the Cromford Fly Fishers Club, which was founded in 1874. For the past 27 years he has attended various game and country fairs in England and Wales, where he demonstrates fly tying and exhibits his own salmon and sea trout flies and framed flies. Now aged 80, Norman still maintains a keen interest in fly fishing, fly tying and photography.

Orange Parson

Carl Brumby

Born in Cheshire, I caught my first trout in 1980 while on a regular family break to Scotland on a small Scottish pool flowing into the Eachaig. I was soon into fly tying and am now approaching 35 years tying experience with a practical focus on tying simple, robust flies that catch trout and grayling. I’ve enjoyed tying with the Guild in recent years, putting something back into the art that has given me so much pleasure as well as having a drive for diversifying my skills and techniques.

Attendance at one of the original Riverfly Monitoring courses with Dr. Cyril Bennet gave me a thirst for the broader knowledge that allowed me to get more from the sport as well as supporting the wider environmental cause. I enjoy applying this knowledge in my tying and deriving some interesting patterns that can support the more traditional patterns on those tough days.

When fishing, the location, cast and presentation always provide a great satisfaction and challenge for me and although not necessarily the biggest by weight, I’m often happy to say that a small wild brown, tucked away in a swirling eddy under the bank proves to be my ‘fish of the day’!

I’m now doing my bit on the committee of the North West Branch of the Guild, I love tying at the shows and am really looking forward to The Uttoxeter Fly Fair again.

Stuart Crofts

stuart crofts

Stuart Crofts is a professional fly-fishing guide (Pennine Guide Services), a tutor with The Riverfly Partnership, and Caddisfly specialist. He has studied riverflies for many years and is the coordinator of the UK Adult Caddisfly Emergence Scheme. Stuart developed (jointly with Mr Andrew Dixon) and helps run the Entomology for Anglers courses that are held annually at the Freshwater Biological Association laboratory in the Lake District.

John Dracup

I started tying flies over 30 years ago, I'm self taught and took it up after I watched a flyfishing mate at Edith Weston, he was tying his own p/t nymphs using his dining room carpet, a nice shade of olive, as the thorax!! I will try and tie a fly out of anything. I entered a fly tying competition in the Trout Fisherman about 20 yrs ago, and got a certificate at the end of the year.

See you in October


Caroline Emmet


I started fly fishing and fly tying some fifteen years ago, shortly after I met my husband, Chris Reeves. We were living in Chile then, so my first flies were a Woolly Bugger and a Prince Nymph. I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember if I caught fish on them, but if I didn’t, it didn’t matter – I was hooked on both (not the actual flies, I meant fly fishing and fly tying). So much so, that on our last fishing trip that week, Chris had to drag me out of the river by my waders.

Back in the UK, Chris started tying at fly shows and I tagged along. I soon developed the knack of blagging a spare chair and squeezing inbetween Chris and his neighbour, so I could set up my vice and tie the flies I was seeing around me – “I can do that! Give us a hook! And can I have some xyz, please?”

Wendy and Ray saw me doing this often enough that when they were setting up the first Burton Game Fishing and; Fly Tying Festival, they decided to pre-empt any complaints from Chris or his neighbours by giving me my very own tying space! And, seeing this kept the peace quite nicely, they’ve kindly repeated their invitation ever since … Jokes aside, I really thrilled to be invited to tie at the show, and I am looking forward to it immensely.

I don't do that much tying outside fly shows, so it's still a little daunting to be sitting officially on the same side of the benches as the maestros that have inspired me over the years. But I trust I’ll be able to show that you don’t need years of practice day in and day out to tie flies you can be proud of and that will catch you fish. Hope to see you at the show!

Peter Gathercole

Looking forward to joining you at the Uttoxeter Game Fishing and Fly Tying Festival in October at Uttoxeter Race Course, Wood Lane.

John Green

Wendy Gibson

flies by wendy

Wendy Gibson is one of the few lady Instructors with A.P.G.A.I. & S.T.A.N.I.C. Qualifications in Fly Dressing. She is a Level 2 UKCC ADB Licensed Game Angling Coach and holds City & Guilds 7306, teaching and L20 City & Guilds Assessors Qualifications.

In 2012 she became a mentor and assessor for GAIA. She is a member of the Game Angling Instructors Association. She has been tying flies for over 35 years and teaching Fly Tying for 32 years to Clubs & Guilds. Her current night schools have been running for 32 years at the same venue. She prides herself on being able to tie almost any Trout or Salmon fly, old or new.

She demonstrates this skilful art at Craft and Game Fairs all over the UK to help keep old traditions alive.

In 1985 she formed 'Flies by Wendy' along with her husband Ray, who framed the flies. Ray passed away in February 2015. He was a keen fly fisherman with over 50 years experience and will be missed by his many friends and colleagues in the game fishing world.

Wendy has written four books on Fly Dressing all aimed at showing the easier way to dress flies with simplified techniques to help with the problem areas of fly dressing and to help, in some cases, less able bodied people and beginners in the art of fly tying. Many of the simplified techniques are of her own design.

Some of her patterns appear in Malcolm Greenhalgh & Jason Smalley's new 2010 book called " Fishing Flies - A Guide to flies around the World".

She has been a demonstrator at the Spring Fly Fishing Show & British Fly Fair International in 2006 - 2014.

Wendy's framed collections of Trout and Salmon flies are some of the best quality currently available in the U.K. and have been featured on three TV programmes, including network TV 'Makers' with Jan Leeming, 'Midlands Today' for BBC, and 'Down to Earth' for Welsh TV. She recorded Interviews for Radio Nottingham & Radio Sheffield and has also featured in 'Derbyshire Life' & 'Craftsman' magazines.
She was a guest fly tyer at the Irish Fly Fair in 2014.

Darrell Howard


I began tying flies over 16 years ago, initially tying regular fishing flies and in the past few years developed a fascination for "fancy" 19th Century Eastern American Flies - such patterns as found in Mary Orvis Marbury's book 'Favourite Flies and their Histories' and Ray Bergman's ‘Trout'.

Ray Bergman wrote ‘Trout' in 1938 and within its pages are 440 wet patterns. Many are adaptations of British patterns dating back as far as c1400. Unfortunately this style of tying has fallen out of favour in preference to the “must-have” patterns that circulate the magazines, but one of them, the Colonel Fuller,  is on the FDG Gold Accreditation pattern list and these patterns still catch fish - lots of them, so why not give a classic a try? 


Alex Jardine

Alex Jardine

Alex was raised on a diet of fly fishing and I am pretty sure that Charles Jardine only gave him fly reels to play with instead of toys! Alex has fished for the England Youth Team, representing them at World Championship level over a 4 year period winning a team Bronze and a highest individual finish of 7th in the world. He has travelled extensively, looking after groups of people and guiding them as well as giving numerous casting demonstrations alongside his father. Alex ties flies for the Partridge pro team, is a qualified casting instructor and writes the "Chalkstream Diaries". He has extensive knowledge of fishing in the American West, East Coast USA, Canada, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Venezuela and New Zealand. Alex has always been destined to work within the fishing industry, he spent a period working with Partridge hooks and he has also worked in Robjents of Stockbridge from 2010 to 2012 as a fly-fishing specialist. He is an ambassador for the Angling Trust and a member of the Partridge Pro team.

Charles Jardine

Charles Jardine

Jerry Lee

Jerry LeeBorn in North West Norfolk, where small chalk streams rule, his interest in fishing started when at the age of 7 he was taken fishing by his father, and beyond his wildest dreams caught a small rainbow trout. Throughout his school and university years fishing was always a significant element to his leisure time, even when living in the hearth of the east end the River Lea was only a short cycle ride away across Hackney Marshes.
Family holidays to Scotland were always sited close to water, both running and still. His father a keen saltwater fisherman encouraged Jerry’s obsession, tolerating late evenings and small biting critters as he chased every fish in the local region. Tying wool and fluff on hooks was all part of that adventure.
His real fly fishing passion kicked in when he met his partner Jo, who along with her family took him to Mayo in Ireland. Fishing on Loch Conn, he hooked and landed a 5lb wild brown trout on a small dry fly.
What happened next was probably natural progression. Whilst in Derbyshire on a short break he was encouraged to buy a new fly tying kit, and within 3 months at Chatsworth Angling Fair was a member of the Fly Dressers’ Guild. Membership of the Thames Valley Branch and then the Chilterns Branch followed. During this time he was given the opportunity to join the Executive Committee of the Guild, serving as General Secretary for 5 years. During this time Jerry was lucky to meet so many people, some who have become very close friends, and the ability to promote fly dressing to those new to the art. Countless beginners encouraged to have a try and given the chance to experience fly dressing first hand.
In 2008 a new job took him and his family north from Oxfordshire to West Yorkshire and Wharfedale. The Leeds Branch followed as the next group, and a new era in Jerry’s fishing journey, with him starting to learn how to fish rivers all over again, like going back to his childhood, and tying and fishing soft hackle wet flies. Today he feels very privileged to be part of a very small number of anglers granted permission to fish a private reservoir in Upper Nidderdale, which also includes a natural head of Grayling. And what fly is his first choice at this location……the Black and Peacock Spider, the fly he and the Guild used to such great effect, introducing all those visitors to have a go at tying flies at shows all over the country. He proves it still catches wild fish from wild places.
Jerry ties flies in all categories but has a specific passion for traditional wet flies and nymphs.

Paul Little

Paul Little

Pike fishing in the English Lake District was and still is a great passion I have. Fly dressing began in those early years with the necessity to dress small Stoats tail tube flies fished in conjunction with an artificial lure to catch pike. Natural progressions followed into fly fishing and hence fly dressing for both trout and salmon. An article by Oliver Edwards titled 'The quest for perfection' published in Trout and Salmon after he won the 'Fly tier of the year' competition two years running was inspirational. A chance meeting in 1996 at one of those enjoyable Partridge fly tying days with a fly dresser that turned my fly dressing and life on its head once again, Marvin Nolte. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Marvin. The world of classic salmon flies beckoned. My early attempts at this fine art demonstrated that my knowledge of materials and how they behaved in hand was sadly lacking. Books were a great source of advice but they only went so far. I was once again to turn to that same fly dresser whom I met earlier that year.

Early examples of my flies (which I still possess) were critiqued in the gentlest manner so as not to discourage, techniques were revealed that were to make vast improvements to my flies. My passion is for dressing salmon flies, the classics. I most enjoy dressing the grubs, Spey flies and those flies that most people have forgotten.

In recent years I have given both salmon and trout fly workshops in the US and the UK and enjoy the experience very much. The important thing to me is mastering the basic techniques and having done so, to disseminate those skills for the benefit of other Flydressers.

Peter Major


Ian McKenzie

Ian McKenzie

I retired from my position as Technical Manager for Fulling Mill Ltd, the leading fly suppliers in the UK after 17 years at the end of 2010. My position involved developing new patterns, turning people’s ideas into commercial propositions, sourcing all necessary materials & hooks, tying samples for our wholly owned factory in Kenya, and maintaining quality standards. Since my retirement I have continued tying flies for personal customers and have even found time to tie some for myself.

That aside I have been an enthusiastic fisherman since the age of 10, living close to and fishing the Thames but graduating to fly fishing for trout at Weirwood Reservoir in Sussex at 18, and subsequently fishing around the UK for trout, salmon, and grayling. I have been tying my own flies for over 40 years. Recently I have also taken, in the summer, to fishing for carp on the fly – great fun !

I look forward to meeting many tyers at the show and will be happy to spend time with anybody who has specific problems and needs a hand.

Frank Moores


Steve Newsome

Paul Procter

Paul Procter

I'll be demonstrating my latest fly patterns this year at The Uttoxeter Fly Fair. See you there!

Chris Reeves

Chris Reeves

I have been a fisherman all my life and a fly angler for over 25 years.

I began fly fishing at Barn Elms reservoir in West London and progressed via small stillwaters to the large reservoirs, becoming a successful competition angler

I then moved on to the challenge of chalkstreams before fishing further afield in many destination fisheries including Alaska, Chile, Argentina, California, The Bahamas and Florida. I fish for trout at least twice a week in the season and also hunt Pike on the local stretches of the River Thames.

I started tying my own flies over 20 years ago. I was self taught and quickly realised the value of good instruction and how scarce it was so became an Instructor under the S and TA STANIC banner, later becoming part of GAIA. Since then I have taught privately and also in Adult education at my local college.

My favourite flies are Chalkstream dries and Irish Loch flies but I love tying all styles and regularly tie Saltwater, Salmon and Pike flies too.

I am Secretary of the Fly Dressers Guild and chairman of the Surrey branch,

I have been a Whiting Pro team tier since 2005, I am also proud to be a member of the Partridge Pro team and involved maintaining the traditions of this company.

I regularly demonstrate fly tying at shows in the UK and abroad last year tied at 11 shows in Europe and the United States. I enjoy the Burton show as it not really about commerce, its more about people, fly tying and fun, all done while raising money for good causes.

I am looking forwards to helping out any tyer who has a problem with any aspect of their tying. Feel free to ask any questions, there are no silly questions and I’ll try not to give any silly answers. If I don’t know how to solve your problem, I bet I know someone who can.

Chris Sandford

Chris Sandford

Over the last decade, Chris Sandford's name has also become synonymous with the world of fishing and his collection of vintage fishing tackle ranks amongst the finest in the UK. His knowledge of the subject is reflected in his regular articles in the angling press. He is currently enjoying great popularity with his column in 'Fly Fishing and Fly Tying'. He also writes for 'Waterlog' magazine for which he has twice been awarded 'Humorous Writer of the Year' for his wry comment on angling at large.

His international angling TV series, Just Fishin...with Chris Sandford produced in 2002, continues to enjoy regular airings on the Discovery Channel. He also appears regularly on Sky TV’s ‘Tight Lines’ featuring his fly-fishing and fly tying skills.

His first book, The Best of British Baits, which traces the history of artificial lures from Izaac Walton's silk minnow through to the 1930's, has become a bestseller among tackle collectors worldwide.

His recent book A Wellie Full of Water, chronicles ten years of his Waterlog articles.

His new book Flies That Catch Fish was launched in November 2009 Medlar Press.

Chris Sandford

Further Information at:


Chris Skillen

Born and raised in the Lake District as a child I fished the River Ehen at Egremont with my Father. At age 10, encouraged by my Dad, I tied flies for the local tackle shop that also doubled as the Barbers, to fund what was to become a lifelong passion for Fly Fishing and Tying. I now live in Northampton close to many of the finest still waters in the country. Much to my fishing friends amazement I rarely fish locally preferring to spend most of my free time fishing the Rivers of Derbyshire, the Northwest and Northumberland. I have a real interest in passing on the skills and knowledge so generously given to me by others. I spend the winter months visiting Fly Fishing and Tying Clubs giving demonstrations and running clinics to help others get the same kind of enjoyment from tying flies that I do. Please come and say hello at the show this year.

Peter Smith

peter smith

I am a Freshwater Ecologist from Gloucestershire, England. My first introduction to fly tying was at the age of 10. It started with a small fly tying vice and a few materials as a Christmas present. I think it was a kit by Veniards. Not long afterwards I was introduced to a fishing friend of my fathers, Mr. Pip Brown and after a few evening lessons at the vice I had managed to grasp the basics. Oh yes, basics they were. I can actually still remember the first fly I tied was a Black & Peacock Spider.

This was a great start to fly tying for me. It has led me to my passion for tying and designing realistic and imitative fishing flies. I particularly enjoy the creative and design process you have to go through when tying new realistic imitations. When I am not fly tying, my other passion is fishing small streams, especially with a tenkara rod. This will be the eighth time I have demonstrated at The Uttoxeter Gamefishing and Fly Tying Fair, formerly Burton-on-Trent Game Fair. I have also demonstrated at the BFFI, i Fish-fly fair and the EFS show.

At this years show I will be tying my collection of caddis fly patterns.

I look forward to seeing you at Uttoxeter 2018.

peter smith1peter smith

peter smith2peter smith

Rob Smith

rob smith

Robert Smith is the author of the critically acclaimed “The North Country Fly: Yorkshire’s Soft Hackle Tradition” and has a heritage and knowledge in the field of dressing traditional soft-hackled wet flies that is second to none. His writing and fly-tying has been featured in several worldwide publications and he regularly writes articles for Trout & Salmon magazine. Rob grew up in a Yorkshire Dales fly-fishing family and started fishing and fly-tying from an early age. He was given his first serious introduction to fly-tying over forty years ago when a schoolmaster gave him an old fly-tying kit as a school prize. Since then he has fished and tied flies all over the world, including demonstrating at many international fairs and exhibitions. Rob is proud to have dressed many traditional North Country patterns featuring authentic and vintage materials, which now feature in several museum collections both in the UK and abroad.

A keen student of flyfishing history, Rob still rob smithrevels in the thrill of fishing his favourite fly patterns on the same beats as fished by T. E. Pritt, Edmonds & Lee, and is proud to be a member of several of the north’s oldest and most exclusive angling clubs.

rob smith

rob smithrob smith

Roger Smith

roger smith

Roger Smith - author of 'Flyfishing the Welsh Borderlands'; Area 4 Secretary of the Grayling Society; life member of WTT; active member of the Worcester Branch of the Fly Dressers' Guild, during the day will principally be tying typical patterns from his book (copies of which will be on sale at the Coch-y-Bonddu Books stand)

roger smith

He can be contacted at

Don Stazicker

don stazicker

Forty-five years ago my fishing career began catching minnows on local rivers with friends after school, one visit and it was me that was hooked!

My first flyfishing experiences were on Midlands reservoirs and stillwaters where I learned a love of imitative fishing techniques with light tackle.

During the last twenty-five years I have turned my attentions towards river fishing both in the UK and abroad and so have discovered my true passion.

Fishing with a fly rod has taken me to fabulous waters in Norway, France, Spain, Austria, Bosnia, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand and the USA.

I love to guide and have experience in guiding individuals and corporate groups on rivers and stillwaters. I have arranged and guided angling groups in France, New Zealand and extensively in the USA, notably in the States of Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and in the Yellowstone Park area.

I am part of the team that made the videos, Derbyshire Limestone Streams and New Zealand South Island in the Experience Flyfishing series.

Currently I make flyfishing videos for the instructional site

·        Salmon and Trout Association National Instructor in Trout Fishing

·        Salmon and Trout Association National Instructor in Flydressing

·        CCA Level 2 Coach (Game)

·        Orvis USA Professional Guide School graduate

·        Colorado State certified Whitewater Raft-fishing guide

·        Casting demonstrator at the Dutch Flyfair

·        Flytying demonstrator at Chatsworth Angling Fair, England

Now I have reached a stage in my fishing life where it gives me as much pleasure to guide and help other anglers as I get from my own fishing.

Chris Watson

chris watson

Chris was born in Cheshire, England in 1957; where he still lives with his wife Pam, daughter Kathryn and a menagerie of animals.  He was educated at Stockport Grammar School and studied business as Stockport College.

His family has a long tradition in fishing which can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century.  Both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather were well known and successful match fishermen.  There are currently eight members of the family over three generations that fish.  You could say that fishing was in the blood.

‘’ I started fishing in the mid 1960’s using an old 14ft split cane rod (one of my Grandfather’s old custom built match rods) and a wooden centre pin reel.  From there I progressed to the specimen hunting scene fishing for big Carp, Tench, Pike and Chub.  I took up fly fishing to fill in the three month close season.  I became totally fascinated with it and it has now virtually taken over all of my fishing time, I now also fly fish for coarse fish.

My father originally taught me the basics of how tie flies, learning how to tie the traditional patterns, something I still love doing when the opportunity arises.  I continued to extend my knowledge and improve my technique by replicating patterns from books, magazines, videos and watching other tyers at various shows.  I then started to experiment with my own ideas and was encouraged to start demonstrating. ‘’

Chris has been demonstrating fly tying and running workshops for over thirty years and is a familiar figure on the UK fly tying circuit.  He has had some of his work published in various magazines, twice appeared on the fishing programme on BBC Radio Lancashire and on the Tight Lines fishing programme on Sky TV.  Ten of his flies are on display in the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in the States.  One of his flies is on the packaging for one of the range of Nymph-Head Fly Color brass fly tying beads produced by the Flymen Fishing Company.  Chris has also demonstrated fly tying and conducted workshops in Ireland, Holland, Kenya and America.

He is a member of the Fly Dressers Guild and acted in a consultative capacity on their Fly Tying Award Scheme.  He is a Gold Standard Instructor and Assessor for the scheme.  He is a life member of the Prince Albert Angling Society.

In 2012 he won the Salmon and Sea Trout round and was commended in Trout and Grayling round of the Bug-Bond Fly Tying Challenge.

Chris is a member of the Pro-Fly Tying Team for Chevron Hackles, Grip Hooks, Grip Fly Tying Materials and Scientificfly.

‘’ Over the years I have had the immense privilege of tying with some of the world’s leading fly tyers and am lucky enough to be part of the worldwide ‘fly tying and fly fishing family’.  I enjoy tying all types of flies, specialising in Trout, Grayling and Pike.

I have a huge passion for both fly tying and fly fishing.  I never stop learning and am always eager to embrace new innovations and techniques.  I also get an enormous buzz out of sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the years with fellow fly tyers and fly fishermen.

Eddie Wilkinson

eddie wilkinson

Eddie is a passionate fly fisherman living in Cheshire, England, who started fly fishing in the late 70's, after diversifying from a Wildfowling background. Fly tying soon followed and now 30 odd years later, the skills have slowly developed !

He has been a guide on his local river for more than 15 years and is involved with the River Fly life Partnership in monitoring the river fly life by sampling and recording.

He demonstrates fly tying at shows. A member of the Fly Dressers Guild and now secretary of the local North West branch, he also runs the Northwest Fly Dressers website and is editor for the monthly fly-tying newsletter, contributing articles and fly patterns.

Although only using fly these days, he catches a variety of fish from native Brown trout from rivers and Rainbows from lakes to Pike (via float tube !) plus a variety of other course fish and saltwater species (British coast)

Dave Wiltshire

dave wiltshire

Based in Compton Martin, situated between Chew and Blagdon Lakes, Dave Wiltshire is a AAPGAI Advanced level instructor. He is also a Maxia pro-guide and a member of the Partridge International Pro-Team. Despite being on the doorstep of some of the best reservoir fishing in the country, most of Dave’s fishing is on running water in search of brownies, grayling and sea-trout. Links can be found below and I have attached a picture. If you need anything else just say. Cheers, Dave.
Dave Wiltshire
Fly Fishing and Casting Instructor
AAPGAI (Advanced, single handed)
Mobile: 07711 432055

River Fly Box

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds

neil hutchinson

Newthorpe Fly Tyers

Roger Walker

Roger Walker

No one in my family were fishermen or women so I don't really know where my interest in the sport came from. I began fishing as a small boy with my pals catching sticklebacks in the local canal with a worm tied to a piece of cotton. As I grew older I progressed to fishing with big misters tackle, still in the canal but also in Codnor Park Res. Sometimes a few of us would catch the train to Attenborough and fish in the gravel pits or River Trent.

My fly fishing started about 40 years ago when a friend took me fishing in the River Leen at Papplewick, here I caught my first trout on fly. This sparked an interest that has continued until today. Since I retired six years ago I have taken a very keen interest in Salmon fishing.

My fly tying began about 30 years ago, when I foolishly thought it would be cheaper to tie my own than buy them. So off I went to Tom Watson's premises in Beeston where I bought my first vice, a Thompson Model A, which I still have! and other "essential" items. Whenever I go to the various Fly Fairs there are always "essential" items that I just cannot do without and which must be bought immediately. I have enjoyed tying flies immensely, it has spawned a whole new interest and I have made many valued friends through it. I look forward to the Thursday winter evenings at Eastwood where I and my friends gather to socialise at Wendy's classes.

I am member and chairman of Cromford Fly Fishing club. I am also the chairman of Nottinghamshire Police Fly Fishing club. I have been a member of the Grayling Society for a number of years and I would urge anyone who has any interest in this delightful fish to join the society. I have had some great times attending the annual symposium which is held all over the country in the autumn. When we get the opportunity to fish some wonderful waters, I don't think I would ever have fished such streams as the Hampshire Avon, Wylie, Test or Itchen just to name a few, without being a symposium delegate.

Neil Hutchinson

neil hutchinson

Geoff Pittham

russ pittham

Bob Lomax

bob lomax

John Mycock

John Mycock

Simon Peck

Simon Peck

Kevan Stevenson


Potteries Fly Tyers

Mike Blackmoor

Neil Chandler

Chris Salmon

North West Fly Dressers Guild

Eddie Wilkinson

David Palmer

Simon Wright

Peter Bocock

Worcester Fly Dressers

Peter Webb